Two Finnish Divers Die In Norway

Here is a story that I think everyone should read carefully. Its sad these two divers died but I am sorry they should never have been down over 300 feet! Tech diving is not for sport divers! Only professional divers needing to do specific work should be going to these depths. These divers were fools!!

Three Finnish divers who survived a disastrous expedition in underwater caves in northern Norway are talking about what happened to their friends.  The planned dive time was five hours, during which the divers were to descend to over 400 feet in Norway’s Pluragrotta underground cave network. The group was divided into two separate teams – one pair and the other of three divers – who were to make the dive two hours apart.  The teams had with them a backup oxygen supply to use if a fault developed with their closed-circuit ‘rebreather’ breathing apparatus.   Disaster struck as one of the divers’ equipment became wedged in the rock over 300 feet below the surface. The partner struggled to free the trapped team-mate but failed, and the diver drowned.  The second team not knowing what was going on below set off two hours after the first team. After descending they came upon the body of their team-mate, and tried, again unsuccessfully, to release the diver.  During this time a second member of the group had run into technical difficulties and begun to use the back-up breathing apparatus. Despite attempts by the third diver to help, this diver also died.

The surviving divers were taken by helicopter to a hospital where they were treated for mild decompression sickness, after having been in the water for almost eight hours.

An investigation by Norwegian police is ongoing, and plans are being made to retrieve the bodies, which police say could take weeks due to the depth at which the accident took place.

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